About Me

Booth (2021)

Growing up as a Phoenix Suns Fan since the Seven Seconds or Less Era with Steve Nash as my primary role model growing up, I instantly fell in love with the Phoenix Suns and was a fan from that point on. Through the rollercoaster ride that is the fandom of the Phoenix Suns, I stuck around to make a fan Twitter back in 2018 to troll one of my friends who made his own. Turns out that live Tweeting and being thrown into a world as hectic as Suns Twitter was something I wanted to stick with and continue getting off takes and venting frustration on the platform to this day.

Now in a Sports Writing Class as a Senior at CU Boulder, I am using this website as a centralized platform following the progress of the 2022-23 Suns as the season progresses with regards to current events, game recaps, and other news including the question marks regarding current ownership status for a storytelling project. My goal is to speak with as many icons and figures within the Suns community as possible in order to get their varying insight and perspective on all Phoenix Suns related events.

My goal is to use this website to have an easy, one-stop shop integrating Twitter to get quick news and a Suns fan opinion on the subject matter, who has been so invested with the team. Please feel free to contact my email: 70inthegarden@gmail.com for any writing inquiries or feedback to make Suns Report a better place.


-Cole Tuorto (Founder of Suns Report)

Wolfond (2019) *From left to right Raja Bell, Amare Stoudemire, Shawn Marion, Steve Nash, and Boris Diaw. Including Coach Mike D’Antoni these are the players I grew up on and what originated me as a Suns fan*