Book and Ayton Combo Lethal In Bulls Win, Combine for 81.

Druin (2022),

The Phoenix Suns man-handled the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday Night winning 132-113 gaining a sizable lead in the first and never looking back. The main reason for this lopsided win was the usual suspect with these kinds of events in Devin Booker, who was unconscious from the field dropping 51 points in just three quarters. Book only missed five total shots in just an unbelievable shooting performance, as well as adding six threes only missing one.

Book was getting whatever he wanted in the paint, from mid-range, and from beyond the arc as the Chicago Bulls could not stop the one-man barrage scorching in the desert. In addition, Book only had 5 free throws, meaning he was getting the majority of his buckets creating his own shot.

Devin Booker Went Ballistic Wednesday Night, Dropping 51 in a Bulls matchup

Not only was Book proficient as a scorer however, but he was the primary ball handler a lot of possessions maintaining the “Point Book” era for the Suns with CP3 continuing to be out for the foreseeable future. Book was excellent at the PnR the entire night, attacking Bulls defenders constantly with his running mate Deandre Ayton who himself had a monster night.

Ayton’s elevated play recently has brought the Suns to another level of success, highlighting the weapons the team has and DA really forming into a true secondary option dropping a season-high 30 points and 16 rebounds shooting 11-18 from the field as well as getting to the line 9 times. This continued aggression on the court has completely opened up the Suns offense, and has provided an extremely fun product to watch with Book and Ayton leading the show. This was Ayton’s seventh straight game with a double-double.

Book and Ayton PnR leads to monster jam on Bulls defender

This duo’s continued growth is great to watch, especially as the team prepares for another title run sitting at the top of the West at 15-6 with this win being the six consecutive game the Suns have taken. It also helps when Phoenix is wearing arguably the greatest jerseys of all time during their recent stretch of dominance, with the 90s’ Retro look and solar flare draped across the chest of the unis. Having an active frontrunner for the MVP in Devin Booker helps this cause as well, as he should be climbing all of the consensus ladders after one of the best performances of the season and his career tonight.

Where exactly is he? Top five? Top three? Regardless, Book has as best of a case as anyone being on the best team in the West and averaging an insane 27.9 Pts, 5.4 Rebs, and 5.8 Asts on 47/35/88 splits. Personally believe that the best player on the arguable best team in basketball should be a prominent contender for the MVP by definition alone, especially without voter’s fatigue.

This is truly a fun time of basketball we are in for Suns fans that experienced the hardships faced in the Post 7SOL/Nash Era. Devin Booker and the Suns look to continue their hot streak against the inexperienced Houston Rockets on Friday at home.


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