Suns Magically Lose to Orlando. Disappointing Outing All-Around

(Sheppard, 2022)

The Phoenix Suns lost 114-95 to the Orlando Magic on Friday Night. They simply never got it going, as they shot 40% from the field, but a measly 31% from three. Magic controlled the glass after the 1st quarter as well and ultimately dictated the flow of the game led by a group effort between with six players scoring in double figures. Orlando shot over 50% throughout the game, and was elite behind the three-point line, making 46% of their threes.

This loss proves how talented the NBA as a whole is now, with any team having the capability to knock off another on any given night. It also does not help when Booker and Bridges combine for (9-32) from the field. Just one of those games you want to throw away if you are the Suns as a meaningless game in November, however there are some key takeaways from this game from a management standpoint.

The Suns need help in the shot creation department, period. When the stars are not making shots, the Suns are limited on where they can turn for an instant spark plug effect. One prime example on display tonight was veteran guard Terrance Ross, who has no business being on a rebuilding squad, but still was a rice cooker off the bench scoring 14 points on 24 minutes. Suns just do not have that kind of consistent output that they can lean on whenever the top scorers on the team are struggling, which should be addressed at some point in the season (sooner rather than later) especially considering the injuries the team is facing currently. Jae Crowder also is as expected, not going to return to the team, which is a situation I hope James Jones looks to address soon to add value back to the Suns.

The Suns look to use the weekend to adjust for the loss, as they continue their Florida road trip in Miami on Monday. Hopefully, we see a much more engaged Suns product then.

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